Medical Imaging Program Prerequisites

A list of the general education requirements and Radiologic Science pre-admission courses is given below. Please note that all general education and foreign language requirements apply with exceptions noted below.

General Education Worksheet- Requirements if Pursuing BS in Radiologic Science


English Composition and Rhetoric

ENGL 101 & 102

Foreign Language

through Level 3

Quantitative Reasoning

MATH 110
plus one additional math selected from Math 130, Math 231, Math 232 (Math 130 is a prerequisite for Physics 104)

Lifetime Fitness

1 hr


Physical and Life Sciences

PSYC 101, BIOL 101/L

Social and Behavioral Sciences

(3) (from at least two departments)

Humanities/Fine Arts (3)

Visual & Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Philosophical Reasoning


Communication Int

Fulfilled by BIOL 101/L

Quantitative Int

Fulfilled by PHYS 104/L

US Diversity


Global Issues


Pre-Admission Required Math/Science Courses

Math 110
plus one additional math selected from Math 130 (Math 130 is a prerequisite for Physics 104), Math 231, or 232

Biology 101/Lab

Biology 252/Lab

Physics 104/Lab

Physics 105/Lab

Psychology 101

Chemistry* 101/Lab or Biochem* 107/ Lab

*Recommended- Chemistry 102/Lab or Biochem 108/Lab

Medical Imaging Application Process-

refer to specific instructions below, based on current student status

Applications may be submitted prior to completing all course requirements. Students must have a minimum of 4 math/science requirements successfully completed prior to admission. All students admitted to the program must have all prerequisite courses completed by 2nd summer session of the year admitted. Applicants must have a minimum overall GPA of a 2.5 and math/science GPA of 2.4 to be eligible for admission.

Applicants will be reviewed using the following criteria:

  • Clarity and quality of personal statement
  • Academic progress and promise
  • Supportive references
  • Knowledge of the field

Those students selected as qualified applicants by academic record and admissions information will be required to complete on-site oral and written interviews. The written interview will cover topics related to the applicant's admissions information, radiologic science, healthcare, and personal goals. The Division will schedule interview appointments with admission candidates.

Application Deadlines

The Division of Radiologic Science uses three admissions review cycles to admit approximately twelve (12) students to the Medical Imaging curriculum. Eligible students who are not selected during the first admissions review period will be reviewed automatically for admission during subsequent admissions review periods.

Admission Period

(admit up to 8 students)

Admission Period

(admit up to 2 students)

Admission Period

(admit up to 2 students)

Deadlines for Submission of Materials




Qualified candidates for admission who submit a complete application will be contacted for written and oral interviews.

Notification of Admission/Decline/Review Status
(total students admitted = 12)

Late February

Early April

Mid May


Forms and Documentation

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Admissions Policy**
All qualified persons are equally welcome to seek admission to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and all persons may apply for and accept confident that the policy and regular practice of the institution will not discriminate against them on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. Any complaints alleging failure of this institution to follow this policy should be brought to the attention of the Assistant to the Chancellor.

** Please consult the 2012-2013 UNC Undergraduate Bulletin ( for full statement.