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News and Updates

FY 2012-13 Fringe Benefit Rates

The Office of Sponsored Research has released the Fringe Benefits for the 2012-13 Fiscal Year.  They are as follows:

  • 22.04% of all EPA/SPA salaries (previously 21.1%) (EPA, SPA)
  • $5,192 Annual Hospitalization Medical Premium (previously $4,931)  (SPA, EPA)
  • $2,694 Graduate Student Health Insurance (Graduate Students only)
  • $3,523 Postdoctoral Research Associate Health Insurance (Postdocs only)

Postdocs also receive 8.78% of their salary in benefits.

UNC research resources (Center for Faculty Excellence)

The Center for Faculty Excellence provides Carolina faculty holistic support across the entire spectrum of professional development: instruction, research, and leadership skills. The Center also provides support to graduate instructors through a wide range of activities and resources. The Center provides:

  • Resources to individuals who wish to improve their effectiveness as instructors and mentors.
  • Support and guidance for designing, funding and undertaking successful research on campus.
  • Advice and training for faculty members taking on campus leadership roles

They can be found at the following link:

Community of Science (COS) Database

The GrantSource Library has made available to Allied Health Sciences information and resources regarding advanced searches within the Community of Science (COS) Database.

COS is the leading global resource for hard-to-find information critical to scientific research and other projects across all disciplines, with more than 25,000 records worth over $33 billion and is an invaluable tool for any potential grants.

Please let Wesley Winkelman know if you are interested in these tips for finding funding opportunities for you or your division.


General Funding Databases

Federal Funding

  • - List of all federal funding opportunities


UNC-Chapel Hill


For assistance within DAHS please contact the Contracts and Grant Administrative Officer, at or 966-9471.


  • DAHS Presubmission Form - Must be filled out for all grant submissions, internal or external.  Please submit to the Contracts and Grants Administrator.
  • DAHS Contracts and Grants Policy (word document - revised 3/20/08 )
  • These policies apply to all grants and contracts on which a DAHS faculty member may be involved, as PI or as an Investigator/ Participant





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