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Thanks for visiting the Department of Allied Health Sciences (DAHS) at the University of North Carolina Current research page! Here you can learn about exciting research being done across divisions within DAHS. Below are options for searching by different methods, but if you want to use the graphic research model developed for this database, that will give you additional ways to search and view the research based on your particular interests - click here for the model version.

On this page, you can search by keyword, principal investigator (PI) or division, or you can do a free word search for another term. In the free search you can enter any word or combination of words, e.g., you can search for “pain” OR “stroke” for projects that are characterized by EITHER term. If you enter “pain AND stroke,” it will return only those projects covering BOTH aspects.

If you have questions about the individual research described on any of the project pages, we invite you to reach out to the investigators, their teams, or to the

We also welcome any feedback on making your search of this website easier (contact us here).

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