Budget Development

Fringe Benefit Rates

Fiscal Year 2013-2014

  • EPA/SPA Fringe Rates:  22.4% plus $5,285/FTE in health insurance (up from 22.04% and $5,192/FTE in health insurance in FY12-13).
  • Postdoc Rates: 8.9% plus $3,636/FTE in health insurance (up from 8.78% and $3,523/FTE in health insurance).
  • Graduate  Student Rates:  $2,823/FTE in health insurance (up from $2,694/FTE in health insurance).
  • Hourly Employees: 8.9% in fringes (no health insurance) (up from 8.78%)

The full memo can be found here: http://research.unc.edu/files/2013/08/fringe_14.pdf

Fiscal Year 2012-2013

The new health insurance and fringe benefit rates have been released for the FY 12-13 year.  They are as follows:

Fringe Benefits

  • For full-time permanent EPA/SPA employees:  22.04%  (Previous Year:  21.1%)
  • Post Doc Appointees and Grad Students (Depends on type of Award):  8.78%  (Previous Year:  8.22%)

Health Insurance (Full Year)

  • Full-time Permanent EPA/SPA employees: $5,191.92 (Previous Year:  $4,931.28)
  • Post Doctoral Trainees: $3,522.84 (Previous Year:  $3,254.16)
  • Post Doctoral Research Associates: $3,522.84 (Previous Year:  $3,254.16)
  • Grad. Student Health Insurance: $2,693.64 (Previous Year:  $2,590.08)

Details can be found here:  http://research.unc.edu/offices/sponsored-research/resources/DATA_RES_OSR_INFOSHEET#fringe2

Fiscal Year 2011-2012

The Office of Sponsored Research has released the Fringe Benefits for the 2011-12 Fiscal Year. They are as follows:

  • 21.1% of all EPA/SPA salaries (previously 20.2%) (EPA, SPA)
  • $4,931 Annual Hospitalization Medical Premium (previously $4,929) (SPA, EPA)
  • $2,590 Graduate Student Health Insurance (Graduate Students only)
  • $3,254 Postdoctoral Research Associate Health Insurance (Postdocs only)

Postdocs also receive 8.22% of their salary in benefits.



Updated July 31, 2012