DAHS Grant Pre-Submission Notification System

Main campus ITS recently completed an upgrade of the SharePoint software platform that runs the GPS, which included a new interface for logging in - it has a different look and requires you to log in using a different format - you use your onyen in the following format onyen@ad.unc.edu **note you are using ad.unc.edu. If you are a student, you will list your mentor as the PI; students cannot be listed as the PI.

The GPS is available at the link below. If you experience any technical issues, or have questions about any of the items on the GPS contact John Bulluck at jbulluck@med.unc.edu, or at 919-795-6126 (call or text).  You will receive a confirmation email once the GPS is submitted - if you do not receive a confirmation contact john_bulluck@med.unc.edu

The Grant Pre-Submission Notification System (a.k.a. GPS) is accessed by clicking here.

If you need immediate assistance please visit the GPS Help pages here, or contact John Bulluck by email at , or at 919-795-6126 (call or text).