DAHS Research Web Site Survey Results Summary

Although there was not an overwhelming response to the Research Website Survey that was distributed this spring, we certainly have a better understanding of how the AHS Research Website is utilized and have some great ideas to make it a better tool for researchers.

Of the respondents, 34% were faculty members, 28% staff members, and 38% were students.  More than half of the survey takers made their first visit to the Website in order to answer the survey questions.  Of those who had visited the site prior to taking the survey, the most popular reasons for visiting was to get more information on submitting a research proposal (40%) and to read the Research Quarterly Newsletter and other news (33%).

Most people found the site at least somewhat easy to navigate, although some individuals remarked that the Research Website was lost in the navigation of the greater AHS departmental pages and that the navigation links were not intuitive. Others noticed broken links and some redundant pages and links. Throughout the survey, there were many appeals for more information and guidelines on professional development opportunities, hiring and recruitment, IRB submissions, AHS research projects and forums, and examples of research proposal components.

Survey responders obtained needed information regarding research proposals and forms from a colleague or advisor or consulted Wes Winkelman, AHS Contracts and Grants Manager.  Others made use of alternative research resources offered by UNC.  Survey takers answered that utilizing a listserv would be the most effective way to disseminate information regarding events, followed by the use of an events calendar.
According to survey takers, promoting the research activities of faculty, staff, and students would best be realized by providing links to personal or project Web pages (80% of respondents).  It was also recommended that a current project list with short descriptions be created for all projects connected to the department.  Quite a few responders mentioned utilizing Infoporte, when it becomes available, to help promote research activities.

Click here to open a pdf file showing the full results of the survey.

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