Faculty and Post-Doc News

Promotions, new faculty and post-docs, and departures.


Susan (Sue) Coppola was promoted to the rank of professor in the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, effective May 1, 2012.

New Faculty

Dr. Antoine Bailliard has joined the faculty of the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy as an assistant professor.  Bailliard earned his BA in Peace War and Defense, his MS in Occupational Therapy, and his PhD in Occupational Science, all from UNC Chapel Hill.  Bailliard’s research is focused on the immigration experiences of the Latino community in North Carolina.  His clinical experience has primarily been in mental health and he previously worked at Central Regional Hospital in Butner.

Dr. Lauren Calandruccio has joined the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences as an assistant professor.  Calandruccio earned her BA in Speech and Hearing and her MA in Audiology from Indiana University Bloomington and her PhD in Hearing Science from Syracuse University.  She completed her post-doctoral training at Northwestern University.  Calandruccio was most recently an assistant professor in the Department of Linguistics and Communication Disorders and the Principal Investigator of the Speech and Auditory Research Laboratory at Queens College of the City University of New York.

Dr. Andrea Hillock-Dunn is now an assistant professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences. She had been a research associate for the division since 2010.  Hillock-Dunn will work in the laboratory of Dr. Lori Leibold on a NIH-funded grant titled “Susceptibility to and Release from Masking in Infancy and Childhood,” investigating questions related to the development of auditory perception in noisy environments.  Hillock-Dunn earned her AuD from Northwestern University and her PhD from Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Kate Kawola has joined the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences faculty as an assistant professor.  Kawola’s primary role will be working as a clinical audiologist at the UNC Hearing and Communication Center, where she will perform hearing evaluations, dispense hearing aids, conduct school-age hearing screenings, and develop audiologic rehabilitation programming.  Kawola earned her BS in Speech and Hearing from Elmira College and completed her Doctorate of Audiology at UNC in May 2012.

Dr. Enikõ Rák has joined the Division of Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology as an assistant professor.  Originally from Transylvania, Romania, Rák has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Babes-Bolyai University and a PhD in Rehabilitation Counseling Education from Michigan State University.  She was most recently an adjunct professor at Michigan State.  Her research focuses on understanding the construct of health literacy in relation to quality of life outcomes in the population of persons with chronic illness and disability.

New Post-Doc

Dr. Rupa Gupta Gordon joined the department as a post-doctoral fellow in July.  Gordon has a two-year award from the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity and will be working with Dr. Linda Watson and her colleagues in the area of autism research.  Gordon received her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Iowa in May 2012.


Dr. Karla Ausderau, former post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Grace Baranek on the Sensory Experiences Project, began a tenure-track faculty position as an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Kinesiology, in January.  She will continue to have an adjunct faculty appointment with DAHS/OS-OT.

Dr. Virginia Dickie retired as Director of the Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy at the end of June. Friends and colleagues hosted a retirement reception for Dickie on June 29.

Dr. Jennifer Craft Morgan has left the Department of Allied Health Sciences and the UNC Institute on Aging to accept a full-time faculty position at Georgia State University.

Dr. Kelly Kazukauskas has left the Division of Rehabilitation Counseling and Psychology to become a clinical assistant professor in the Rehabilitation Counseling Program at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

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