AuD Grad/PhD Student Awarded NIH Fellowship

Dr. Sara Mamo, a 2008 graduate of the AuD program and a current PhD student in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, has been awarded an F32 postdoctoral fellowship by the National Institutes of Health.

AuD Grad/PhD Student Awarded NIH Fellowship click to enlarge Dr. Sara Mamo, AuD

Her research, titled “Electrophysiological and Psychophysical Measures of Auditory Temporal Processing,” will be conducted in the lab of Dr. John Grose, Department of Otolaryngology, under his mentorship.

Mamo’s research project will focus on temporal processing of speech and other complex sounds in young and older adults with normal hearing.  Many older adults have increased difficulty understanding speech in noisy backgrounds, independently of hearing loss, and age-related deficits in temporal processing have been associated with poorer performance on speech perception measures in older adults.  This project combines objective and subjective measures of temporal processing to try and understand the underlying neural mechanisms that contribute to speech perception difficulties in older adults.

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