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Office of Research – Expanded In-house Data services

PIs and Research Faculty **right now this is focused on the research side of things - we are getting information together that will apply Department wide, including all academic and administrative units:

As investigators, you face a wide range of data management and security needs. To ensure that you are implementing best research practices, I encourage you to consult with the DAHS Office of Research (links to John Bulluck web link) for support with:

Data system reviews

Grant preparation
Online surveys and data collection/cleaning
Ongoing active data collection research and recruitment data
Security and Best Practices reviews and training for human subjects research data
               Physical housing of data
               Security measures (specifically related to study software)
                              Encryption related to:
laptops, desktops, email, distribution of files, use of video
data management security, with UNC or distant collaborators
               SAS, SPSS, Matlab, RedCap, etc.
               Virtual Lab
               RENCI cluster computers for high volume analytics processing
               Staff permissions and related access to sensitive data
                              Physical and electronic access
               Data management tools and training
                              OOR Preferred: RedCap
                              Alternatives: Qualtrics, SharePoint, Excel, Access, SAS, R, Mplus
IRB considerations
Data retention policies
               Archiving paper, digital or other forms of data
               Certificate of destruction when shredding/deleting datasets
               UNC, SoM, NIH, IES, etc. -specific data requirements


Please allow for ample time ahead of your due dates to begin discussions, and to outline deliverables. As the OOR expands its services to allow for more consultations, we want to ensure that the research support best meets your needs.

To schedule an appointment, contact:
John Bulluck, BS CISc
Office of Research Systems Analyst
3109 Bondurant Hall
Text (preferred) 919-795-6126
Desk 919-966-6525