Aphasia-Friendly Print Project

The purpose of this project is to help our community create written documents that are accessible for people with aphasia. Graduate students in the UNC-CH Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences are teaming up with community members to address some of their needs, while refining their skills and learning to improve the conversion process.  Our work is based on  the workshop "See Things My Way" from the March of Dimes Canada Aphasia and Communication Disabilities Program, developed by Rick Berry and Ruth Patterson.

If you would like more information about the training workshop, please contact Ruth Patterson, M.Sc. Reg. CASLPO, Clinical Coordinator, Alternative Communication Services, March of Dimes Canada,  13311 Yonge Street, Suite 202, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4E 3L6; Phone: 905.773.7758 x 6268 or Toll Free 1.800.567.0315I Fax: 905.773.3746; rpatterson@marchofdimes.ca

Do you Need Help with Your Written Documents?

We are accepting written materials to convert as part of a graduate course at UNC. If you have a need for specific aphasia-friendly material, you are cordially invited to  submit your request for our consideration. Please know a collaborative process is necessary for accuracy and brevity purposes. Therefore, it is important that you include your contact information and are able to respond to follow-up emails in a timely manner. Submit your request here.

Below is a collection of documents our students have created or converted so far. We hope some will be useful to you and that you will check back soon for more resources. If you have questions, please contact us at: card@unc.edu


Conversation supports for a person with aphasia: Created by Anna Weinberg
      (Translated to Spanish by Amy Munekata)
Conversation supports for a care-partner: Created by Anna Weinberg
   (Translated to Spanish by Amy Munekata)
What is aphasia? In English: Created by Rosally Aguilar

       In Spanish: Created by Rosally Aguilar

Aphasia education: Created by Ginni Lam
Traumatic Brain Injury: Created by Brian Martin
Stroke Prevention: Created by Mary Beth Bardin
Depression and Anxiety: Created by Connolly Crowe
Keeping your brain active: Translated by Blair Schwab

Informed consent:

Consent for treatment: Converted by Mandie Oslund
Consent for research participation (in progress)

Rehabilitation and intervention:

Dysphagia management: Created by Mandie Oslund and Bridget Carlile
     (Translated to Spanish by Amy Munekata)
Swallowing exercises: Created by Amy Munekata
Modified Barium Swallow Study: Created by Bridget Carlile
Levels of assist: Created by Bridget Carlile and Jennifer Barry
     (Translated to Spanish by Amy Munekata)
Connecting iPhone with Hearing Aid: Created by Joe Hall


Community resources:

Transportation supports for older adults: Converted by Mandie Oslund
One stop shop: Converted by Mandie Oslund
Pilates studio policies: Converted by Joel Fairchild

Coffee menu: Created by Heather Shelton
Cafe drink menu: Created by Chrislain Bofill

Other medical procedures and information:

Dizziness: Created by Thomas Christensen
Respiratory Muscle Training: Created by Alex Rodriguez