Faculty/Staff Directory

Jackson Roush, PhD, Director
Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences
Biography (919) 966-9467 jroush@med.unc.edu

Faculty (listed alphabetically)

Elizabeth Crais, PhD, Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Coordinator of PhD studies. Research interests: communication development and disorders in infants, toddlers, and preschoolers; gesture development in children with typical and atypical skills; working with families and teams in early intervention. Biography (919) 966-9458 bcrais@med.unc.edu

Lisa Domby, MS, Associate Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Clinical and professional interests: assessment and diagnosis of communication disorders; bilingual speech and language development; clinical supervision of graduate clinicians. Biography (919) 966-0104 lisa_domby@med.unc.edu

Karen Erickson, PhD, Professor, Director, Center for Literacy & Disability Studies. Research interests: assessment of reading and writing; literacy instruction. Biography (919) 966-8828 karen_erickson@med.unc.edu

John Grose, PhD, Professor (Audiology); Professor (Otolaryngology) (Psychoacoustics Laboratory) UNC School of Medicine. Research interests: audiology and psychoacoustics; auditory electrophysiology. Biography ( 919) 966-9777 jhg@med.unc.edu

Katarina Haley, PhD, Associate Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Research interests: speech perception and production, adult neurogenic communication disorders. Biography (919) 966-9460 khaley@med.unc.edu

Joseph Hall, PhD, Department of Otolaryngology, UNC School of Medicine) Professor, Audiology; Professor and Chief, Division of Auditory Research, Research interests: audiology and psychoacoustics; cochlear implantation. Biography (919) 966-8926 jwh@med.unc.edu

Melody Harrison, PhD, Professor (Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology), Coordinator of Master's Studies. Research interests: assessment of speech, language, and literacy development in infants, toddlers and children with hearing loss; aural habilitation of children with cochlear implants. Biography (919) 966 9459 melody_harrison@med.unc.edu

William HooleAuD, Assistant Professor (Audiology), Coordinator of Clinical Education. Research/Clinical interests: traditional and implantable hearing technology, professional ethics & industry involvement in clinical education, mitigating socioeconomic barriers for accessing amplification. Biography (919) 445-0339

Adam Jacks, PhD, Associate Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Research interests: neural substrates of speech, neuromotor speech disorders, speech acoustics, speech perception. Biography (919) 966-9464 adam_jacks@med.unc.edu

Patricia Johnson, AuD, Assistant Professor (Audiology) Clinical Educator. Clinical interests: adult diagnostics and aural rehabilitation, hearing and assistive technology, aging and communication, community outreach. Biography 919-493-7980 patricia_johnson@med.unc.edu

Cara McComish, PhD, Assistant Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Research interests: communication and feeding skills development in infants and toddlers; early identification of children with autism. Biography (919) 966-8153 mccomish@med.unc.edu

Nancy McKenna, AuD, Clinial Assistant Professor (Audiology and Hearing Science). Research interests: audition in aging; hearing loss prevention; tinnitus and genetics of aging. Biography (919) 966-9468 nancy_mckenna@med.unc.edu

Lee McLean, PhD, Emeritus Faculty, School of Medicine Early intervention and child language research. Research interests: communication development and intervention in individuals with severe-profound disabilities; early intervention and child language research. Biography (919) 966-9041 lee_mclean@med.unc.edu

Brenda Mitchell, PhD, Assistant Professor (Speech-Language Pathology), Associate Chair for Student Services and AHEC. Research interests: aphasia; adults with closed-head injuries and communication disorders; multi-cultural issues; community re-entry. Biography (919) 966-9437 Brenda_Mitchell@med.unc.edu

Martha Mundy, AuD, Associate Professor (Audiology), Coordinator Au.D. studies. Research interests: educational audiology, pediatric audiology, otitis media research. Biography (919) 966-9457 mmundy@med.unc.edu

Debra Reinhartsen, PhD, (Clinical Center for the Study of Development and Learning). Adjunct Associate Professor, Speech-Language Pathology. Research Interests: autism, low incidence disabilities, augmentative communication, clinical supervision. Biography Work (919) 966-4138 Fax (919) 966-2230 debbie.reinhartsen@cdl.unc.edu

Jackson Roush, PhD, Professor (Audiology), Director of the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Research interests: pediatric audiology; acoustic immittance measures; infant hearing screening; early intervention; syndromes that affect hearing. Biography (919) 966-9467 jroush@med.unc.edu

Stephanie Sjoblad, AuD, Associate Professor, Clinical Coordinator for Audiology, Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences. Clinical and Professional interests: aural rehabilitation; hearing instrument technologies. Biography (919)493-7980 ssjoblad@med.unc.edu

Holly Teagle, AuD, Associate Clinical Professor, Carolina Children’s Communicative Disorders Program, UNC. Dept. of Otolaryngology:(919) 419-1449 holly_teagle@med.unc.edu

Linda Watson, EdD, Professor (Speech-Language Pathology). Research interests: early development and identification of infants & toddlers at risk for autism; predictors of language outcomes in children with autism; early intervention in autism; language disorders in preschool children. Biography (919) 966-9466 Linda_Watson@med.unc.edu

Sharon Wallace Williams, PhD, CCC-A Associate Professor (Audiology).Research interests:minority aging, family functioning and processes in caregiving families, and end of life communication within families and with health care providers. Biography (919) 966-9462

David E. Yoder, PhD, Professor Emeritus (Speech-Language Pathology); Emeritus, Center for Literacy and Disability Studies; Executive Director Emeritus, Council for Allied Health in N.C. Biography (919) 843-6176 dyoder@med.unc.edu and

David J. Zajac, PhD ( Craniofacial Center, School of Dentistry) Associate Professor, Research Interests: speech Aerodynamics, Developmental Aspects of Speech Production, Cleft Palate Speech, Behavioral Management of Cleft Palate Speech. Biography (919) 966-1362 david_zajac@med.unc.edu

Adjunct Faculty

Emily Buss, PhD, Professor, Department of Otolarygology. Biography (919)-966-8926 ebuss@med.unc.edu

Richard Clendaniel, PhD, Dept. of Community and Family Medicine, Duke University

Nancy Jones, AuD, Chief of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, Veterans Administration Medical Center, Durham, NC.


Ina Diana - Administrative Specialist Biography (919) 966-1007 idiana@med.unc.edu

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