Ina Diana

Diana_Ina_Best1.jpgAdministrative Support Specialist
Phone: (919)966-1007
CB: #7120


My primary responsibilities include: new student orientation, information sessions, admissions coordination,student registration, classroom scheduling, web responsibilites and serving as the graduation coordinator for our division.

Personal Statement

I have been with the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences for 13 years, and have had an interest in Speech- Language Pathology for many years.
After graduating from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. Degree in Speech and Hearing, I left my professional pursuit to marry my husband Tony, and eventually raised and home-schooled our four children.
It has been a real joy for me to be a part of the training of eager and motivated young adults who are pursuing a career in the Allied Health field.
It is a privilege for me to get to know each student personally as I am involved with them from the moment they inquire about the program until they walk down the aisle graduation day.
I enjoy working for the University and hope that my involvement with the graduate students and faculty members in the Speech and Hearing Program will have a positive influence and add value to everyone’s experience here.


O.U.R. Star Heel Award Recipient - October 2004