Directions to our Lab

There are Two Ways to Get to the Human Auditory Development Lab:

1. Come Directly to our Laboratory.

The Human Auditory Development Laboratory is located on the second floor of Bondurant Hall. Here's how to walk to Bondurant Hall:

Walking Map

When you arrive at Bondurant, take the elevators to the second floor. Turn left off the elevators and walk as far as you can. You will see a locked door with a sign indicating "Speech and Hearing Laboratories". There is a black phone on the wall outside the suites. Call the Human Auditory Development Lab (3-3672) and someone will come out and bring you to the lab. The lab phone number is also listed beside the phone if you forget.


2. Have a Lab Member Meet You at the Dental School

If you are not familiar with the UNC-CH campus, a more simple option is to park in the visitor parking lot for the UNC-CH hospitals (Dogwood Deck). When you park in Dogwood Deck, follow the signs to the Dental School (Tarrson Hall).

Once you park your car you will walk to the Dental School (Tarrson Hall). The Dental School (Tarrson Hall) is connected to the Dogwood parking deck via a skywalk bridge located on level 3 of the parking structure. Note that there are three bridges connecting the parking deck to UNC hospitals. You want Bridge A, the closest one to South Columbia Street (when in the parking deck, facing the hospital, it is the bridge furthest to your left). Follow the signs that direct you to the Dental School (Tarrson Hall). When you arrive in the main lobby of the Dental School (Tarrson Hall), call the lab at 919-843-3672 and someone will meet you and walk with you to Bondurant Hall.

Here is a map. The red dots indicate the path. Please note, the entirety of this route is covered. You will not need to go outside.


If you have any problems finding the lab or have any other questions, feel free to call the lab at: 919-843-3672