Getting to Our Lab:


Please see our directions page as to the best way to arrive to our lab. A lab member can meet you at the dental school (Tarrson Hall) or at the main door to our lab Suite (2100 Bondurant). With either option, call our lab at 919-843-3672 and we'll be happy to assist you.

Testingcrystal audiometer

You will listen to target sounds such as tones or speech. The target sounds are often embedded in competing background sounds.  In some studies, we will ask you to indicate when you hear target sounds by pressing a visual icon on a computer screen or by raising your hand. In other studies, we will ask you to repeat back speech sounds that are presented.  Sounds are presented at comfortable levels and are not loud. A hearing screening will also be done at the time of your testing.

At the completion of the study, our lab members will be happy to have any questions you may have. You will be paid for your time. Payment is dependent upon length of study and activities completed.

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