School-Aged Children


During the Study:



Your child will listen to target sounds such as tones or speech. The target sounds are often embedded in competing background sounds.  In some studies, we teach children to indicate when they hear target sounds by pressing a visual icon on a computer screen or by raising their hand. In other studies, we ask children to repeat back speech sounds that are presented.  Sounds are presented at comfortable levels and are not loud. We often test children using a “game format” in order to make the task more interesting.

During the course of the study, parents are welcome to stay in the lab, or if they prefer, wait in our adjacent playroom. The playroom is a great option if you are bringing other children to the laboratory or if more than one child is scheduled for testing. Your child will be given breaks during testing. Upon parental approval, small prizes are often provided to children during these breaks.



Finishing Up


When your child is finished with the day's study activities, we will again be happy to answer any questions you have about the study or activities completed. Small prizes are given at each break and your child will be paid for their time. Payment for participating ranges depending on type and length of study.

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