Topic of the Month: September - Real Ear Verification

Real Ear Verification allows for detailed fine tuning of one’s hearing instruments. We take into account the results of one’s hearing test and the individual acoustics of the ear canal. This measurement is objective, which means there is no guess work.

Despite the great advances in hearing aid technology that have emerged in recent years, hearing aids do not come out of the box ready for use. Hearing aids need to be programmed using computer software and verified for patients to hear their best. Using a sophisticated microphone measure called Real Ear Verification (or Speech Mapping) our team at the UNC-HCC can take sound recordings from inside one’s ear canal! We then adjust the prescribed loudness at each pitch to ensure that speech is audible and comfortable. This is the gold standard for hearing aid fitting.

Real Ear Verification results in hearing aids which are safe and effective.

Every hearing instrument fit at the UNC-HCC undergoes this important verification. If you purchased your hearing aids at another location, we highly recommend having your devices reprogrammed using Real Ear Verification. So often “good” hearing aids are made great through proper programming.

Make an appointment today if you would like your hearing devices optimized and programmed using Real Ear Verification!