Aural Rehabilitation

Research shows that patients who participate in Aural Rehabilitation are more satisfied and better users of their hearing technology than those who do not participate. Aural Rehabilitation is a mix of counseling, ear training, and patient education. Through personal or group sessions, patients and their loved ones are empowered with strategies for improving communication. While hearing technology has advanced greatly through the years, we know that it is unable to truly “fix” one’s hearing.  Aural Rehabilitation allows the patient and clinician to view hearing difficulties more holistically, and find ways to overcome communication challenges where the hearing technology may fall short.


Throughout the year, the UNC HCC offers our Better Hearing Workshop series, both at our main clinic location and in local retirement communities. Offered in 2 or 4 part sessions, these interactive classes provide vital Aural Rehabilitation to our patients and their families.

Topics covered include:

Understanding Hearing Loss: Review of the anatomy and physiology of hearing loss

Hearing Aids: Review the basic of hearing technology and care & maintenance

Assistive Listening Devices: Discuss wireless connectivity technology and safety devices

Communication Strategies: Tips and tricks for patients and their communication partners

Contact our office or check out our Upcoming Events to find out how you can join our next Better Hearing Workshop.