Hearing Aid Selection

The Hearing Aid Selection appointment, or Functional Communication Assessment (FCA), is the next step in improving communication for hearing aid candidates. The appointment lasts approximately 60 minutes and includes additional testing in the sound treated booth.  The FCA allows the audiologist to create a thorough and personal rehabilitative plan, tailored to the communication needs of each patient.

Prior to the appointment, the patient will be asked to complete a questionnaire about hearing aid expectations.

During the appointment, the audiologist will:

  • Conduct Speech In Noise testing
  • Measure Loudness Discomfort LevelsFCA
  • Complete a Lifestyle Assessment
    • Outline patient activities and interests
    • Determine goals and expectations of new hearing aids
  • Recommend hearing aids, based on:
    • Audiometric needs
    • Communication goals
    • Complexity of listening environments
    • Financial considerations

    Our audiologists make recommendations from a wide variety of hearing aid manufacturers.  Once the patient makes a decision, the hearing aids are ordered from the respective manufacturer.  An impression of the ear may be required for custom products.  The fitting will be held approximately one to two weeks following the hearing aid selection.

    Payment is due in full at the time of the hearing aid fitting.