"Made for iPhone" Hearing Aids

Many hearing aid manufacturers now offer "Made for iPhone" hearing aids which can connect your devices directly to your smartphone.

Hear better on the phone

  • Direct streaming of phone calls improves speech understanding
  • Hear phone calls in BOTH ears instead of only one
  • No need to take your hearing aid out to hear on the phone

Hear music in a whole new way

  • Direct streaming of music and podcasts
  • Improved sound quality
  • Replaces earbuds for hands-free and convenient listening

Control at your fingertips

  • Adjust hearing aid programs and volume discreetly from your phone
  • Free manufacturer app for advanced user controls (noise, wind)
  • Find your lost hearing aid through geo-location
  • Create personalized programs according to your listening preferences

What about Android users?

Android users can often access the same features, but require an intermediary accessory to complete the connection.