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Open House

 UNITRON Open House

Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 9A-4P

We will be featuring Unitron's exciting new platform: North.  The latest technology showcases features that help the hearing aids distinguish between various kinds of conversation settings.

Open Houses are free of charge, but appointments are required.

Call 919.493.7980 to reserve your space.


Better Hearing Workshops



Community Talks

Galloway Ridge

Tuesday, May 19th @ 1:00PM in the Players Lounge

Bionic Hearing: Understanding Cochlear Implant Technology

While most individuals with hearing loss find benefit through hearing aids, a subset of people with severe to profound hearing loss require surgically implanted devices called cochlear implants.  A cochlear implant is a medical device embedded in the inner ear that stimulates the auditory nerve.  This presentation will cover the basics of how cochlear implants work and issues regarding candidacy.  All ears are welcome to attend.


Community Screenings

Screenings are for individuals who have not been diagnosed with hearing loss.

Free of charge.

Call 919.493.7980 to schedule an appointment.