Walton and Mitchell Present Research at NBASLH Convention

MS-SLP student Camille Walton and DAHS Associate Chair for Student Services Brenda Mitchell delivered a presentation titled “Success Strategies of Speech and Hearing Sciences Graduate Students,” at the National Black Association for Speech-Language and Hearing Annual Convention in April.

Walton and Mitchell Present Research  at NBASLH Convention click to enlarge Camille Walton

Walton and Mitchell shared the results of a qualitative study they had conducted on the methods used by students in the field of speech and hearing sciences for graduate school success.  The study specifically addressed whether these students knowingly or unknowingly used the advice presented in the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association’s Communication Sciences Student Survival Guide to navigate through their first year of graduate school.

The presentation was intended to enable participants to identify strategies graduate students use to succeed, provide a checklist of advice for first-year graduate students, replicate this study in a university setting, and analyze differences based upon the demographic makeup of survey participants.