Advising and Review

Academic Advisement

Each student will be assigned an academic advisor from the audiology faculty. The advisor will meet with the student regularly and guide his or her clinical and academic progress throughout the program.

On-Going Review

Evaluations occur throughout the program in varied forms. Academic courses and comprehensive examinations (summative assessment) monitor mastery of specific course content, clinical protocols and skills as well as integration of clinical data.  On going review (formative assessment) is also provided throughout clinical placements. This review process is designed to monitor a student's  performance in all aspects of academic and clinical work. Students' course grades, general performance in clinical practicum and assessment from clinical preceptors will be reviewed. Feedback and recommendations for improvement will be provided throughout the program.

Doctoral Examinations

Clinical competency examinations will be administered periodically to ensure that students have acquired the requisite knowledge base and clinical skills needed for the clinical practice of audiology.