Affiliated Programs and Centers on the UNC-CH Campus

UNC Hospitals (UNCH)

Our graduate program has a long history of successful collaboration with UNC Hospitals' Center for Speech and Hearing in the Division of Otolaryngology. Several UNCH audiologists are actively involved in graduate-level teaching and supervision of clinical practicum. Students in the AuD program will participate extensively in clinical practicum at UNCH.

Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities

Our faculty audiologists have provided the clinical audiology services at the CIDD for more than ten years. A member of our faculty is appointed Section Head for Audiology and actively participates in service delivery to pediatric patients seen for team evaluations at that center. The collaboration between our faculty and CIDD has resulted in sharing of instrumentation and facilities. The CIDD provides an outstanding environment for AuD students, not only in the clinical practice of pediatric audiology but through active participation in an interdisciplinary team diagnostic facility.

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG)

Graduate students in audiology have long been involved in clinical practicum and special projects at the FPG Institute. The Institute has had continuous federal funding for research in otitis media for many years, and our faculty have been involved as collaborators and co-investigators. This has created numerous opportunities for graduate students in audiology to participate in research and clinical practice. The FPG Institute will remain a key site for the education of AuD students in the area of pediatric audiology.

The Children's Cochlear Implant Center at UNC

This center, which is located within the UNC Department of Otolaryngology, is one of the largest pediatric cochlear implant programs in the southeastern United States. Graduate students in audiology have the opportunity to see and participate in the pre-selection process as well as fitting and mapping of cochlear implants in children. 

UNC Hearing and Communication Center

Hearing and Communication Center (HCC). Located four miles from campus near Interstate 40, the HCC provides comprehensive clinical audiology services to the Chapel Hill and Durham communities. Faculty and students from the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences provide diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology services that include selection and fitting of hearing aids and assistive listening devices. Individual and small group therapy is provided for hearing aid and cochlear implant users, focused on the development of improved speech and language skills through audition.