Pre-Requisite Coursework

In order to prepare for entry into a doctoral program in audiology, students are advised to complete as many of the courses listed below as possible, or similar courses on different campuses. The Advising Form is used to verify Pre-Requisite coursework for the entering Au.D. student and lists all required areas.

I. Anatomic and Physiologic Bases

At least one course in anatomic and physiologic bases for the normal development of speech and hearing is required; for example: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms.

II. Introduction to Audiology

At least one course in audiology is required of the entering Au.D. student. Applicants to the Au.D. program should have a good understanding of what audiology is and the types of settings where audiologists might work.

III. Basic Science Coursework

Students considering a career in audiology need at least a basic understanding of life science (biology, and/or genetics,), physical science (physics, and/or chemistry,) and behavioral science (psychology and/or sociology). At least one 3 credit hour course is required in each of these science domains (life, physical, behavioral etc.). The specified science coursework should be taken within science programs, not within communication studies programs.

IV. Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Bases

At least one course related to normal development of speech and language,( linguistics, psychology of language, psycholinguistics, speech and language acquisition, verbal learning and verbal behavior. In addition, individuals with undergraduate coursework related to speech disorders (3 c.h.) and language disorders (3 c.h.) will have more opportunities for electives with the AuD course of study. These courses are not required prerequisites, but can allow greater flexibility within a student's program of study. Individuals with a strong application without this prerequisite coursework will be considered for admission, but will have it added to their graduate program of study.

V. Mathematics and Statistics

At least one course in college level mathematics is required (algebra, calculus, trigonometry). Remedial courses or courses offered outside Departments of Mathematics will not satisfy this requirement. An undergraduate course in Statistics is also required. Qualified applicants will be considered without an undergraduate Statistics course, but will need to add that content to their graduate program of study.

VI. Courses not required, but of value to the student considering a career in Audiology: Physical and Psychological Bases

Coursework in the physical bases and processes of the production and perception of speech, language and hearing is pertinent to the study of audiology.

Summary of Pre-Professional Coursework

Prospective applicants to The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences Doctoral program in Audiology are advised to take the following or similar courses

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing
  • Introduction to Audiology
  • Biology or Genetics  coursework
  • Physics or Chemistry coursework
  • Psychology or Sociology coursework
  • College level Mathematics
  • Introduction to Statistics
  • Normal Language Development

Other recommended, but not required courses:

  • Phonetics
  • Hearing Science

Pre- Professional Coursework available elsewhere in North Carolina

If you have earned a bachelor's degree and wish to take some of these undergraduate prerequisite courses at UNC, please contact the Continuing Studies office at (919) 962-1134 or write: Office of Continuing Studies, The Friday Center, UNC-Chapel Hill CB# 1020, Chapel Hill, NC, 27599-1020. Continuing Studies students are permitted to take a maximum of 8 credits per semester and applications are due by mid-July for students who wish to take fall classes, and the first week in December for courses in the spring semester.

Coursework similar to that in Sections I-III may be available at other area institutions including NCSU, Duke University (919-684-8111), or UNC-Greensboro (910-334-5939). Questions regarding inter-university registration should be directed to the UNC Registrar’s Office at (919) 962-3954.

Pre-Professional Coursework available at UNC Chapel Hill

Courses Available at UNC in Linguistic and Psycholinguistic Bases




LING 101 Introduction to Language 3 fall and spring none
LING 201 Syntax 3 spring LING 101 or consent of instructor
LING 527 Morphology 3 check with depts. directly LING 101, LING 400 or consent of instructor
ENGL 314 The English Language 3 spring none


 Courses Available at UNC in Mathematics

STAT 151 Intro. to Statistics
3 fall and spring check with depts. directly
PSYCH 210 Stat. Prin. Psyc Res
  fall and spring  check with depts. directly 
EDUC 180 Stat Analysis of Ed. Data I   fall and summer check with depts. directly


Courses Available at UNC in Phonetics and Speech Science




SPHS 530 Introduction to Phonetics 3 spring none
SPHS 540 Speech Science 3 fall  none
LING 200 Sound Patterns in Language 3 spring none
LING 520 Linguistic Phonetics 3 fall none
LING 523 Phonological Analysis 3 spring yes, LING 520
LING 524 Phonology II 3 fall yes, LING 523