The Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences, Department of Allied Health Sciences, UNC School of Medicine, is proud to announce a new Minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences (SPHS). The Minor is designed to provide coursework in preparation for graduate study to students interested in careers as Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists, or speech and hearing scientists.

Admission and application

  • Admission to the Minor is competitive by application.
  • Students must have a declared Major in order to apply for the Minor in Speech and Hearing Sciences.
  • Applications will be accepted annually for a limited time in the Fall through a web-based form. Click HERE for instructions and a link to the application.
  • If applications are closed, please let us know if you are interested in applying to the Minor by contacting slpinfo@med.unc.edu. Please include your name and "SPHS Minor" in the Subject line of the email. In the email, include your PID, your Major and expected graduation date.

Course requirements

  • The Minor consists of five courses (see list and recommended sequence below).
  • All courses are required for completion of the Minor.
  • Courses are offered only once per year (see exceptions in course sequence).
  • The Introductory course (SPHS 583) should be taken early in the sequence.
  • Speech Science (SPHS 540) should be taken late in the sequence.
  • Additional highly recommended courses in preparation for graduate study are NOT offered in the Minor.   This coursework includes biological science, physical science, social/behavioral science, developmental bases of communication, and statistics.   See the following links for the full list of recommended preparatory coursework:

Preparatory Program of Study Required By The American Speech Hearing Language Association (ASHA), Leading to Certification with a Master's Degree

Preparatory Program of Study Required By The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Leading to Eligibility for Certification with a Doctoral Degree in Audiology

Recommended course sequence

Course order

Course number

Course title



SPHS 583

Introduction to Clinical Practice in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology


Available only in Years 1-3, except by permission.


SPHS 530

Introduction to Phonetics



SPHS 570

Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech, Language, and Hearing Mechanisms



SPHS 582

Introductory Audiology I



SPHS 540

Speech Science