Completing Part 1 in CSDCAS - Deadline Monday, December 15, 2014

All U.S. and English speaking Canadian official transcripts must be submitted to CSDCAS

  • Use the Transcript Request Form to have all official transcripts sent to CSDCAS. You must first list your school in the “Colleges and Universities Attended” section of your CSDCAS application. You should then print the CSDCAS Official Transcript Request Form (the yellow button found to the left of each school listed) and send that to your Registrar’s Office to include with your transcript when it is mailed to CSDCAS. Please direct the Office of Registrars to send your transcripts to the following address:

CSDCAS Verification Department
P.O. Box 9113
Watertown, MA 02471

(All official transcripts MUST be sent to the address above.)

Online CSDCAS application must be e-submitted

    • Please note that you can submit your application BEFORE your transcripts, recommendation letters, and official GRE scores are posted to your account. Your application does not need to be verified before you e-submit.
    • You should use 0083 for UNC-Chapel Hill’s GRE code
    • Be sure to look for the Institution Name of "U N Carolina Sch Medicine CSDCAS"
You must take the GRE test no later than Friday, December 12, 2014.

For more information about e-submitting your application, please visit:

All application fees must be paid to CSDCAS ($100 for the first school, $45 for each additional school)

  • Acceptable payments in CSDCAS are Visa, Mastercard or mailing in a money order
  • No personal checks