Au.D. Admissions Deadline

Application Deadlines

Your CSDCAS application must be e-submitted by Dec. 3, 2013 in order to receive a full review by the admissions committee. This is almost two weeks earlier than the date posted on the CSDCAS website.

December 3 is the e-submit deadline for UNC.

The program admits students for the fall semester only.

Each offered admission is specific for the term stated in the admission letter. If you do not register for classes or complete your first semester, you must apply again in a subsequent semester. Speech and Hearing does not offer a deferral option.

Completed applications and application fees (non-refundable) must be submitted before the program's application deadline. Applications will not be accepted for review or consideration after the posted graduate program deadline has passed. International applicants should apply early in order to allow sufficient time for financial and visa document preparation. The Graduate School recommends that international applicants submit a complete application no later than December 1.