Desired Profile of Students Admitted into the MS Program

  • Diverse with respect to ethnicity and gender
  • Strong GPA (3.6 or better) Admitted student avg is 3.74
  • Verbal and Quantitative scores in at least the 50%ile(Admitted students had an avg of 80.6% Verbal; Quantitative avg. was 64.3%)
  • Varied background of extra-curricular experiences
  • Diverse with respect to educational background(SLP, Psychology, Linguistics, Education)

  • Priority given to applicants who have completed the undergraduate pre-requisites. Although it is possible for exceptional applicants to be admitted prior to completing all prerequisites, those who have not done so prior to starting the master's program, need to plan on a longer program of study. Usually, this is at least one additional semester of study.

The application materials of each prospective student will receive individual attention and thorough review by the faculty admissions committee and the Graduate School admissions office.