What to expect if you did not major in Communication Disorders

4. Does it matter if I do not have a major in speech pathology or a communications studies degree?
No, as long as you have a bachelor's degree. However, applicants for either the speech and hearing sciences program or audiology program are strongly encouraged to complete as many of the  prerequisites as possible  prior to entering the program. When applying, please submit an "enrollment verification" of the prerequisite courses that are in progress and describe your future course of action in your "personal statement". If you do not have your pre-requisites completed, you may still apply to the program, but the more you have completed the more competitive a candidate you will be. You are not required to have them all completed before you APPLY, but it is STRONGLY urged that you have as many completed before entering the program. There are several online programs that offer these courses: Ohio State University, Utah State University, and The University of Alaska, and Appalachian State University. The courses can also be completed at an accredited university.

If you are admitted without having completed all of the necessary coursework you will not take a "leveling" year to complete your pre-requisite courses, but will have them added to your graduate studies here which will more than likely add at least an additional semester to your time here.

5. What are the prerequisites for Masters program?
Please see the section entitled "Pre-professional Coursework" for more detailed information. In addition to the pre-professional coursework, we require an undergraduate course in statistics. We strongly recommend that students complete this course before beginning graduate studies. A grade of B- or better is required in order to get credit for the course.

6.   What are the prerequisites for the Au.D. program?
Please see the section entitled " Pre-professional Coursework" for more detailed information.