1. Before You Apply

  • Bookmark our admissions page and check it regularly.
  • Consider who your recommenders will be. Contact them sooner than later to inform them of your deadlines.
  • Create a personal email account (gmail, yahoo, etc.) that includes some part of your name, not crazyhorse@gmail.com
  • Gather unofficial transcripts from EVERY institution that you have taken coursework from (even if only 1 course was taken there). This includes study abroad transcripts. This will also aid you in filling out the coursework portion of the CSDCAS application.
  • Compose your personal essay in a word processor. Think about topics such as “Why am I interested in becoming a speech-language pathologist or audiologist? Why am I interested in attending UNC-Chapel Hill? What do I perceive as my strengths as well as my challenges? Do I have any experiences related to working with children or adults, or participating in research?"
    • (Please note that CSDCAS has a character limit of 5500 characters, including spacing, line breaks, etc. It has been found that Notepad’s character count is more reflective of CSDCAS’ than the system employed by Microsoft Word.)
  • IMPORTANT: Carefully review the FAQ section on our website as well as the FAQ section on CSDCAS’ website (https://portal.csdcas.org/csdcasHelpPages/instructions-and-faq/)