Allied Health Sciences

The June C. Allcott Fellowship

In her life, June C. Allcott was a gardener of friendships. She explored the world as a traveler, weaver of baskets, culinary adventurer, designer of jewelry and clothes, guidance counselor at UNC, computer explorer, music and art lover, and friend. She had a particular place in her heart for those interested in the health fields. June developed a keen sense of the characteristics and values that naturally imbue people who make a difference in the helping professions. The June C. Allcott Fellowship identifies students who exemplify the ability to make helping connections with people.

The June C. Allcott Fellowship in Allied Health is awarded to student (s) who apply and demonstrate exemplary, ongoing, or new community service. The number of Allcott Fellowships awarded each year is determined by the amount of funds generated by the Allcott Scholarship Endowment. The proceeds of the award may be used by the student to assist with his or her tuition and community service work as they see fit.

Allcott Fellowship recipients are expected to represent the Department of Allied Health Sciences at the School of Medicine Community Service Day by presenting a poster on their contribution to community service.

How to Apply:

  1. Complete and submit the Allied Health Sciences Departmental Scholarship Application available around April 1, 2018.   Applications are due May 15, 2018.
  2. Submit one letter of recommendation commending your community service.

The Thorpe/Mitchell Diversity Leadership Development Award

The Thorpe/Mitchell Fund seeks to increase the diversity of underrepresented racial/ethnic minority students (African-American, Native American, Pacific Islander, Latino/a) into the diagnostic and therapeutic disciplines at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's Department of Allied Health Sciences. The fund provides scholarships and is important in the development of a flexible, coordinated, and collaborative pathway for recruiting, retaining, and graduating underrepresented minority students from the Allied Health Sciences.  The chosen recipient receives dedicated mentorship and networking opportunities from the scholarship founders to help them reach their full potential as students and future health care providers.

Student award recipients are chosen from the diagnostic disciplines one year and from the therapeutic disciplines the next. The 2018-19 Thorpe/Mitchell Award is open to newly admitted applicants from the Divisions of Clinical Laboratory Science and Radiologic Science. 

The Thorpe/Mitchell Diversity Leadership Development Fund honors Dr. Robert Thorpe and Dr. Brenda Mitchell.

Dr. Thorpe received national certifications in Radiologic Sciences, specifically in Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Magnetic Resonance Imaging. He also received his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a master’s degree in Health Sciences Education and Evaluation from State University of New York at Buffalo, and a doctorate in Adult and Community College Education from North Carolina State University. He has served as an Associate Professor in the Division of Radiologic Sciences and Associate Chair of the Department of Allied Health Sciences over his thirty-four years in the School of Medicine, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has served on numerous national bodies involved in educational policy and workforce issues in the allied health professions. Dr. Thorpe is the recipient of the 1992 Distinguished Tanner Teaching Award, presented by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in recognition of inspirational teaching to undergraduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The North Carolina Health Careers Program presented its 1997 Award of Leadership to Dr. Thorpe in recognition of dedication and leadership toward improving the access of minority students into the health professions.

Dr. Brenda Olivia Everett Mitchell, PhD, serves the Department of Allied Health Sciences as the Associate Chair for Student Services and AHEC Operations. In this position, she works with prospective and matriculating students as well as alumni in departmental focus groups, recruitment and advisory board. She chairs numerous committees in the department and serves as liaison on other committees on behalf of the department. Brenda has presented at numerous national and state conferences on leadership, diversity and speech language pathology topics. She completed the BRIDGES Academic Leadership for Women program in November 2006. Brenda has been affiliated with the Department of Allied Health Sciences since 1996 as faculty in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences and in 2001 as Associate Chair for Student Services and AHEC Operations. She realized at an early age that she wanted to pursue Speech Language Pathology and Audiology and attended South Carolina State University for her undergraduate degree and went on to Pennsylvania State University for her master’s degree. She completed her PhD in Leadership Studies at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

Application process:  Faculty from the appropriate divisions will nominate qualified students to be considered.  There is no separate application process.   

    UNC Hospitals Volunteer Association’s Allied Health Sciences Fellowships

    The Allied Health Sciences Student Fellowships are supported through a generous gift from the UNC Hospitals Volunteer Association. The fellowships are awarded to deserving allied health students who, in addition to having financial need and scholastic ability, exhibit characteristics of emerging professional excellence.

    How to Apply:  Just simply check the box on the application and you will be considered for it.

    The Medical Alumni Association Loyalty Fund Scholarships

    Through the generosity of our donors and the UNC Medical Alumni Association, the Department of Allied Health Sciences offers four scholarships to students each year. Faculty committees from each AHS division select scholarship recipients based on a variety of factors, including academic merit, financial need, and exemplary volunteerism and community service. Please be sure to also complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using code 002974

    • Buddy Clark Loyalty Fund Radiologic Science Annual Scholarship
      Established through the generosity of Dr. Ernest and Mrs. Jean Spangler
    • Jerry Lambiente Radiologic Science Annual Scholarship
      Established through the generosity of Robert and Lauren Noble (’89)
    • Lanning-Taylor Clinical Laboratory Science Loyalty Fund Annual Scholarship
      Established through the generosity of Susan Lanning-Taylor (’85)

    Divisional Scholarships

    These are scholarships offered by each division within the Department of Allied Health Sciences.   You can also use the scholarship link to apply for these awards.