UNC Homepage for Current Students Links to information on campus services including dining, transportation, and recreation.

DAHS and UNC Research Methods Courses

Links to information about research method courses offered by the Department of Allied Health Sciences and UNC Chapel Hill.

Accessibility Resources and Service
Provides services and reasonable accommodations to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate/professional students with disabilities or medical conditions. To be eligible for services, students must provide documentation about a substantial limitation to one or more major life activities, specifically as it applies to meeting the demands of University life, in and/or out of the classroom.

Graduate Student Professional Development Program
Provides a full range of training opportunities and resources to graduate students to help develop foundational skills in communication, academic development (scholarship, teaching, and mentorship), leadership and professionalism, and career development.

The Learning Center
Offers a range of services to help students succeed at Carolina, including peer tutoring, academic coaching, study groups, test prep, and learning disability support.

The Writing Center
Seeks to enhance writing skills by offering free, ungraded, non-credit tutorial services. Available to all University students and faculty.

University Career Services
Provides progressive services and resources that help students prepare for their careers, learn job search skills, and find employment.

Counseling and Pyschological Services
Offers counseling services, self-assessment tests, and coping skills training.

Campus Health Services
Offers health care services and information on all aspects of student well-being.

Alert Carolina
Register you cell phone number to receive emergency texts from the University.

Student Legal Services
Provides assistance in understanding the factors that should be considered when one seeks legal advice, to determine if a lawyer's services are or are not necessary, and to provide appropriate representation and/or referral.