How do private gifts help the University?

Our ability to offer a quality education hinges in large part on private funds. This support translates into meaningful, personal experiences that touch many aspects of the DAHS community: from scholarships for bright and deserving students, to professorships that reward energetic faculty with the gift of time and funding for research and teaching.

Your support helps us make this possible by educating tomorrow's leaders, attracting and retaining the best faculty, conducting research that focuses on the public good, and maintaining and enhancing the physical space that is the setting for this unique educational experience. Your donation makes a difference, and we are most grateful.

What percentage of gifts to Carolina support academics over athletics?

Carolina is fortunate to be an institution of world-renowned academic stature that also excels in athletics. Both academics and athletics receive generous support from donors who clearly recognize the importance of maintaining and enhancing Carolina's margin of excellence.

Of the $145 million raised in fiscal year 1999 from gifts and private grants to the University, $131.7 million — 91 percent — was directed to academics. Donations to athletics accounted for $13.3 million of the 1999 total.

Can I specify how my gifts will be used?

Yes. You can give to any existing fund in honor of or in memory of faculty, family, friends, or alumni. You may give to any of these existing funds within the DAHS or an unrestricted gift.

What are unrestricted gifts?

Thousands of donors every year make gifts to the University without specifying how their money should be spent. They simply give to Carolina. Unrestricted gifts are crucial because they provide the greatest flexibility and allow the University to use the money where it needs it most.

What is the difference between the Department of Allied Health Sciences funds and other funds associated with the University?

We raise money annually for DAHS’s seven divisions. The Carolina Annual Fund is a part of the Carolina First Campaign, and it raises money annually for all academic programs at UNC-CH.

The General Alumni Association (GAA) collects annual or life membership dues to support alumni activities and publications, such as the Carolina Alumni Review.

The Educational Foundation (The Ram's Club) seeks support for athletic scholarships, facilities, and programs.

What is the Medical School’s Loyalty Fund?

Important student, faculty and alumni programs, as well as three DAHS student scholarships, are supported by annual gifts to the Medical School Alumni Loyalty Fund. Every year a stronger alumni presence is visible at the UNC School of Medicine. Maintaining quality education is an expensive mission, and alumni gifts provide the margin of difference. The objectives of the Loyalty Fund include:

  1. To create a firm base of continuing gift support as a dependable source of annual unrestricted income.
  2. To stimulate a greater awareness of the School of Medicine at UNC-Chapel Hill.
  3. To encourage alumni to become effective ambassadors for the school and its mission.