Why Give?

North Carolina taxpayers generously support the University. In fact, our state appropriation from the legislature is one of the highest in the nation on a per capita basis. But private gifts allow the Department of Allied Health Sciences to bridge the gulf between good and exceptional. Private contributions are already making a big difference at the Department of Allied Health Sciences.

Endowed Distinguished Professorship

The David E. and Dolores J. (Dee) Yoder Distinguished Professorship is being established by the generosity of Maynard and Carolyn Sauder of Archbold, Ohio. The endowment stands as a perpetual tribute to the dedicated professionalism and skilled teaching and research of David E. Yoder, PhD, and the lifetime support of his spouse, Dee. Dr. Yoder was formerly Chair of the Department of Allied Health Sciences and is a Professor in the Division of Speech and Hearing Sciences in the Department. Recipients of the Yoder Distinguished Professorship will have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally with respect to research, practice, and knowledge related to literacy for persons with severe communication disabilities.

David and Dee Yoder and
Carolyn and Maynard Sauder (seated).

Endowed Scholarship

Rebecca Irene Sande Scholarship Fund -- A $757,000 bequest from the estate of L'Vir Sande of Salisbury established the Rebecca Irene Sande Scholarship Fund in Physical Therapy at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2002, allowing the division to offer scholarships to prospective students. Income from the fund--established in honor of Sande's wife--produces 10 scholarships awarded annually to financially needy students in the Master's of Physical Therapy Program. Sande was a pioneer in radiologic medicine and was widely published in that field. In the late 1980s, Sande became physically incapacitated and received physical therapy. It was this experience, coupled with a love of the Carolina campus and its students, which led him to designate the scholarship for physical therapy.

The 2009-10 Sande Scholars

Improved Facilities

The Siemens Corporation has generously donated and installed two new pieces of radiographic and fluoroscopic equipment valued at  close to $300,000 in the Division of Radiologic Science teaching laboratory in the Burnett-Womack Building. The state-of-the-art equipment has dramatically improved the quality of instruction for students.

State-of-the-art radiologic equipment was donated by the Siemens Corporation.