Welcome to the Fourth Year Acting Internship Rotation

The AI, or subinternship, may be one of the most important rotations of your fourth year before becoming an intern in a few short months. It is designed to give you as a student a chance to expand upon the clinical skills you gained during your third year clerkships, to better understand what it means to become an intern, and to be in a position of more responsibility for individual patient care in a supervised setting.

As an Application Phase student, your responsibility was to begin to experience the clinical world, becoming more than an observer. You mastered the skills needed to perform a History and Physical Exam, formulate a differential diagnosis, and present your presentations in a written and oral format.

As an AI, you will expand upon these skills to become more adept at developing a differential diagnosis, creating a treatment plan, following the patient throughout the hospital course, communicating with families and colleagues, and synthesizing the hospital course in the format of a discharge summary. Using the RIME framework, you will be building upon your foundation skills as a Reporter and Interpreter and becoming proficient as a Manager and even Educator.