Course Design

All students are required to do an Acting Internship at one of the AHEC sites within North Carolina. Students may opt to do additional time as an Acting Intern at UNC or at an approved campus outside of North Carolina, but these do not confer credit toward completion of the AI AHEC Selective.

The course is a four week inpatient rotation at one of our AHEC sites. During this time, you are placed in the role of an intern. You should act like the intern responsible for the primary care of the patient during their hospital stay. All of your actions should be supervised, your orders reviewed and cosigned, and all treatment plans approved, but you will gain the most if you assume responsibility for the care of your patient. The course is designed to be most beneficial when you and the team view your position as essential.

You may ask, what does an AI rotation in surgery at WakeMed have in common with an AI rotation in pediatrics at Moses Cone? The following expectations and competencies span this range and emphasize that the goals ARE the same: primarily the assumption of greater responsibility for patient care at a site away from the main campus of UNC.