Welcome Letter

Welcome to the AHEC Acting Internship!
Students often cite this as one of the most rewarding rotations of their medical school careers. You will be given more autonomy while in a supervised setting. The primary goal is to enable you to gain the experience you need in order to become a better intern in just a few short months.
This site contains information on what the expectations are for an Acting Intern, how you will be evaluated, and what the overall goals of the experience are. In addition, you will find forms that may be helpful (structured History and Physical forms, progress note suggestions, Discharge Summary forms). You can also review the evaluation form that will be used by your attending at the end of the rotation. You will see that the evaluation is specific, and related to the skills that make an intern different from a third year medical student. You are now expected to organize your day, interpret tests, make management decisions, and become a more self-directed learner.
Requirements for the course include

  • an evaluation from your primary attending that should be submitted through the One45 system,
  • completion of the clinical log (also turned into my office or emailed).  This exercise is to increase your awareness of the opportunities to learn and encourage you to seek them out if you are finding your AI experience to be limited in scope of practice. 
  • completion of  at least one Discharge Summary that is turned in to my office (under the door of 5025 or 5025b or my secretary Yvette at 5017 Old Clinical Building) or va email lwilson3@unch.unc.edu.  Remember only email from a secure account (like your UNC account).
  • attendance (no more than 2 excused days are permitted on clinical rotations).
Most of all, I hope you have an excellent experience! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns during your rotation.
Lindsay Wilson, MD                                     Course Coordinator: Mindy McKinney
Course Director