AIG’s Mission:

  • Help students learn about anesthesiology by providing resources, mentoring opportunities, and clinical observation.
  • Organize 3 hands-on workshops run by the UNC Department of Anesthesiology—Airway, Advanced Airway, & Vascular Workshops.
  • Host lunch meetings to delve into the many opportunities for specialization within the profession, such as Pain Management, Obstetric, and Pediatric Anesthesia.

Anesthesiology Preceptor Enrichment Program (APEP):

  • Students are matched with a preceptor within UNC Department of Anesthesiology who they meet with once a month in the hospital
  • Facilitates early clinical exposure
  • Opportunity for mentorship
The University of North Carolina has an excellent anesthesiology department, and it is our goal to connect students with anesthesiology mentors and provide students with resources that will aid them in their decision to pursue careers in anesthesiology.  The group also seeks to expand the knowledge of its members in areas of clinical skills and research.


Please contact the co-presidents Krissi Fajgenbaum & Chris Burns for any additional information:

krissi_fajgenbaum@med.unc.edun and christopher_burns@med.unc.edu