Crews, Breese and Morrow Receive Professorships

The Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies (BCAS) would like to congratulate Drs. Fulton Crews, George Breese and A. Leslie Morrow on receiving John R. Andrews Distinguished Professorships.  This professorship recognizes leaders in alcohol research for their outstanding work in finding cures, genes, causes and treatments for alcoholism and alcohol use disorders.

Crews, Ph.D., is a professor of pharmacology and psychiatry and director of the Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies.  Breese, Ph.D., is  a professor of pharmacology and psychiatry.  Morrow, Ph.D., is the associate director of the Bowles Center and a professor of pharmacology and psychiatry. 

A former resident of Southern California, John R. Andrews died in February 2006.  The UNC BCAS was one of three alcohol research programs in the nation chosen by Andrews to receive one-third of the residue of his trust estate.  The trust money is used for alcohol research to find a cure for alcoholism, with particular emphasis on isolation of the genetic causation of the disease and for genetically engineered drugs for treatment. During his business career, Andrews was an investment manager for such companies as Lloyd's of London and State Farm Insurance.