Past Events

Fall Weekend 2017

A recap of Fall Weekend 2017 is now available. Just follow this link for details!

UNC School of Medicine Alumni Reception

The UNC Medical Alumni hosted a special reception featuring Julie S. Byerley, MD, MPH, the Vice Dean for Education. It was held at the Jockey Club, part of the Rock Springs Center in Greenville, NC on Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Although the weather put a literal damper on the situation, there was still a nice turnout from local alumni and guests enjoying refreshments  and the opportunity to catch up with each other and with representatives of the UNC School of Medicine. We look forward to holding more events in the Greenville area in the future.

Spring Weekend 2017

Congratulations to the recipients of 2017's Distinguished Medical Alumni, Service and Faculty Awards! This spring's big event began on Friday, April 28 with the "What I've Learned in Medical School" Speech Competition, hosted by the Whitehead Medical Society and Larry Keith Advisory Colleges. It was quite a show, with some profound insights by current medical students enjoyed by all present. The day's business meetings began with the National Loyalty Fund Committee Meeting to discuss fundraising and the careful use of those funds to support medical education. The Council Meeting that followed featured Executive Dean A. Wesley Burks speaking on the current state of the medical school followed by a presentation on the use of the Supercomputer "Watson" to assist in cancer treatment. The day's meeting was topped off by a presentation by our medical students on just what the support of alumni has meant to them in their education. Friday's Alumni Reception and Awards Banquet showcased the delicious food presented at the Alumni Center with an entertaining performance by the UNC School of Medicine's own a capella group, the MedUNCedoos. The evening featured awards being presented to six distinguished guests, Sara Lippard Hoyt, MD '54; Marcus E. Randall, MD '82; Richard A. Vinroot, Jr., MD '04; Laurence E. Dahners, MD; Frederick D. Burroughs, MD; and Mr. Timothy B. Burnett.

Saturday's events continued the fun with a focus on classes having reunions, specifically the "2" and "7" year classes. While some classes hosted special individual events, there was also a collective reunion event at the Carolina Inn for classes from 1972 through 2007 and a separate dinner for the classes of 1957 and 1962. Meanwhile, the class of 1967 celebrated their 50th year reunion at the Chapel Hill Country Club. It was a fantastic celebration of camaraderie and good will.

Events are held throughout the year, but in case you missed one of our events, we publish a short summary of our most recent events for review. Thanks to all who attended and will attend in the future!

Photos of many of our recent events are available at  Photos of other events are available by request.