Laurence E Dahners, MD

2017 Distinguished Faculty Award recipient

Laurence E Dahners

In his thirty-one years at the UNC School of Medicine, Dr. Laurence Dahners has received numerous awards for his abilities as an educator. His research has earned him acclaim and respect across his field of orthopaedics. His skill as a surgeon allows him the ability to perform difficult trauma cases that have frustrated other surgeons. His patient referrals come from across the region. When added up, all of these accomplishments make Dahners more than qualified as this year’s recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award.

Those who nominated Dahners for this honor described him as an “excellent clinician with a scientist’s understanding of bone and soft tissue physiology.” This allows him to perform difficult procedures that others may shy away from. In addition to his acumen, colleagues have praised Dahners’ ability to clearly communicate with his patients.

Dr. J. Wills Oglesby completed his orthopaedics residency at UNC Hospitals under the mentorship of Dahners and now practices in Tennessee. “Dr. Dahners has the rare talent of being able to harness his intelligence so that non-medically savvy patients can understand him and appreciate exactly what he is trying to do for them,” Oglesby said.

Dahners’ skills for clear communication also translate into his abilities as an educator. Countless medical students and residents have benefitted from his tutelage and mentorship, and they have shown their appreciation with a host of honors. He has served as a research preceptor for hundreds of students, many of whom have served as co-authors on his numerous research publications.

Dr. Dahners’ publications extend into triple digits over the course of his career. In addition to journal articles, Dahners has published numerous book chapters and is recognized as an international authority on ligaments and their healing properties.

Dr. Douglas Dirschl, now the Chair of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Chicago, also did his orthopaedics residency training at UNC. “Laury strongly influenced not only my choice of career in orthopaedic trauma, but also my philosophy and approach to orthopaedic fracture care, to academic medicine, and to medical research,” Dirschl said. “And for years he has provided the same level of guidance to medical students and residents. I can think of no other faculty member more deserving of this honor.”

In recognition of his exceptional achievements as an educator, clinician and leader in the field of orthopaedics, we are proud to present the Distinguished Faculty Award to Dr. Laurence Dahners.