UNC Medical Alumni Network

UNC Medical Alumni Network is a network established to connect current 4th year medical students to UNC School of Medicine alumni all over the country.

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The Office of Medical Alumni Affairs and Whitehead Medical Society have  developed a network to connect current 4th year medical students to UNC School of Medicine alumni all over the country.  Many of our recent graduates have expressed interest in connecting with residents and faculty at the programs to which they are applying.

If you are an alum who would be interested in 1) being contacted by current students to answer questions and/or 2) hosting the occasional student on the interview trail, we invite you to fill out the requested information via the form below:

UNC Medical Alumni Network contact form (Via Google Spreadsheets)

Using the Google spreadsheet, current students will be able to sort the provided information by alumni last name, city, specialty, and willingness to host, depending on their particular questions or needs.  Some other important questions are answered here:

Who will have access to the information I provide?
All senior UNC medical students who are applying to residency that year.  They will be emailed a link to the Google spreadsheet at the beginning of their fourth year so that they can ask questions as they begin to decide what programs to apply to and throughout the application process and interview season.  This document is made available only to the fourth-year class at the UNC School of Medicine.

If I sign up to host students, am I obligated to host all students that contact me?
Definitely not!  Signing up only indicates your interest; when individual students contact you, it is up to you to decide whether you would like to or are able to accommodate them on the dates of their interviews.

What is the purpose of providing my address?
This is so students can see where you live in relation to the hospitals or other sites at which they have interviews.  For example, if two alumni live in Baltimore, but one lives closer to University of Maryland Hospitals and one lives closer to Johns Hopkins Hospital, the student could first contact the alumni whose home is near the program they are visiting, regardless of which program the alum is in.

Who will maintain this information?
The maintenance of the alumni network will be a joint effort between the Whitehead Medical Society student government and the Office of Medical Alumni Affairs.  All alumni can expect to receive a yearly email reminding them of the opportunity to share, remove, or update information if it has changed.  However, you will be able to edit or remove your information during the year as well.  Please email any requests for edits or removals to medalum@med.unc.edu.  (We hate spam as much as anyone else and will only use the information you provide via this form for the Alumni Network.)

We hope that the network will be a useful tool for current and future 4th year students and continue to expand as students and alumni see its benefits.  The Office of Medical Alumni Affairs and Whitehead Medical Society look forward to answering your questions and working together in the interest of our students.