Humanistic Medicine

The Humanistic Medicine Action Committee advocates for:

  • Healing
  • Community / Support
  • Creative Expression
  • Complementary and Alternative Medicine Education

Our mission is to raise awareness of the physician-activist's right to be strong and centered within our demanding profession. It is important not to lose our health, sense of self, idealism, and dedication towards each individual patient in the process. We are dedicated to focusing medical care on the needs of each individual patient. We advocate for patients and developing-physicians who consider healing to be a sacred, interpersonal experience between mindful and authentic human beings.

The Chair of Humanistic Medicine will take charge of events/projects geared toward promoting the importance of and improving the physical and mental health of medical students. Programs may include talks on how to deal with stress and how to meditate/do yoga. Our action projects and programming strongly emphasize and celebrate the human's ability to heal one's self and one another through understanding, community, creativity, personal reflection, and a connection with human heritage and the earth (CAM). Potential partners include those teaching the Healer’s Art course and Integrate: Alternative and Complementary Medicine Group.

For more information and resources, check out the Human Medicine Action Committee on the national level.