The International Federation of Medical Student Associations (IFMSA) is an established federation of medical student associations from across the world. It is recognized as an important non-governmental organization and collaborative partner by WHO, UNESCO, other UN agencies, and several INGOs, such as the Global Health Forum.

IFMSA’s exchange program is well-established and offers medical students throughout the world the opportunity to participate in clerkships, research activities, exchanges, and electives across the world.

As the organization representing the United States to the IFMSA, AMSA offers US medical students the opportunity to explore international health through the global community of medical students that is IFMSA.IFMSA convention

American Delegation at March Meeting 2009, in Hammamet, Tunisia

IFMSA Exchange Spain

With residents and attending of Neurosurgery unit of Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona, Spain through SCORE exchange