Leadership 2013-2014

Co-Presidents: Arti Ajmani and Marni Siegel

Secretary: Julia Nugent

Treasurer: Anne Cotter

Mentoring Chairs: Bryna Harrington and Rachel Morris

Mentoring MS1 Co-Chairs: Katie Paul and Jenna Wiley

Peer Mentoring Program Chair: Liza Lichtenfeld and Priyanka Sista

Lecture Series Chairs: Addie Bardolf and Liza Lichtenfeld

Lecture Series MS1 Co-Chairs: Christine Jackson and Elizabeth Cotton

Service Chairs: Kayia Jones and Morgan Malloy 

Service MS1 Co-Chairs: Caitlin Burk and Taylor Fie

Advocacy Chairs: Dana Kelley and Robyn Levine

Advocacy MS1 Co-Chairs: Katie Weinel and Sally Harris

Special Events/Diversity Council Representative: Claire Hailey

Special Events MS1 Co-Chairs: Tammy Chin and Jing Zhong

Faculty Advisor: Erin Malloy