Analysis Costs and How to order

UNC customer charges are as follows:

Individual Clinical Test - $6.25/test.

Hematological Test
- $10.00/sample.

Luminex MAGPIX system services and costs;

a)  Full service covers whole procedures, ordering kits, performing experiments, analyzing data, and sending results (customers can only provide samples).

Cost;  A Milliplex kit, 96 well formate for standard curves and controls (20 wells) and 76 unknown samples (~$200/analyte with current 25% discount, if 5 multiplexed it costs ~$1,000).

And plus research technician working hrs, ~8 hrs ($200).

b) If you do your own assays you must do the following:

Order your own reaction kits

Do your own experiments

$25 per machine use

$40 consultant and training (one time)

We bill customers monthly.

How to Order and Receive Data:Users should bring samples in proper storage tubes (available on the door of our lab). After analyzing the samples, we normally fax the data to you. However, if there are many pages of data, Users should pick up the data at our lab as well as any leftover samples.