Services and Charges

The following services and charges are available:


1) Assistance in development of new RNA/DNA detection systems. Includes consulting time and training when needed.

 Total RNA(DNA)

2) Total RNA (DNA) preparation on ABI 6100.

Preparing RNA samples of high quality is an essential part of the procedures for quantitative gene expression studies.     We can purify total RNA samples from animal tissues, blood or cultured cells with the ABI 6100 robot system for a charge of $5 per sample.     You can bring frozen tissues or tissue stores in RNA later solution.     Also we can isolate genomic DNA from the same tissue samples.     The ABI 6100 machine can perform three other high throughput features, such as, cDNA synthesis, RNA sample dilution and preparation of 7300/7500 assay plate.    

 3) Mouse genomic DNA genotyping with ABI 7300/7500.

The ABI 7300/7500 sequence detection system can genotype mice created by insertion of a selection marker gene, such as “neo”, during a gene targeting experiment.

Specifically, we can perform genotyping into wild type (0 copy of neo), heterozygote (1 copy of neo), and homozygote (2 copy of neo) from tail or toe genomic DNA ($6.75 per sample).

 4) Full service Gene Quantification.

Upon request, we can provide a full service to analyze gene expression quantitatively.     This includes all the steps necessary for designing and synthesizing Taqman probes and primers, and preparing RNA samples.     The charge would be dependent on the size of project, but would likely be around $180-240 per gene plus cost of materials.

 5)     Synthesis and purification of fluorescent oligonucleotide probes.

The most expensive part of repetitive experiments costs is due to the price of the fluorescent oligonucleotide probes which are essential for the real time RT-PCR system.     Using our own DNA synthesizer and purification system in the DNA synthesis core facility, we can successfully prepare probes at lower cost than any other place.    Our price would be $150 per probe at a high concentration.     In addition, the common endogenous probes for human, mouse, etc. ß-actin and GAPDH can be economically shared by alliquoting.

 6)      Freezer system of the ABI supplies.

For real time RT-PCR experiments, we should use only ABI company’s chemical products, which are expensive.     By sharing these materials, you can reduce the cost of experiments and shipping time.

 For the service of gene expression, customers should contact us by Phone call or E-mail  to make reservation.     To make RNA or DNA purification and mouse genotyping, you can bring samples directly and fill the request forms.