CAPSEL Faculty Roles

The Consortium of Anesthesiology Patient Safety and Experiential Learning (CAPSEL) provides multiple assets to the department of anesthesiology. The mission of CAPSEL is accomplished through the core faculty and leadership team. The description of roles within CAPSEL is described below:

Director- Marjorie Stiegler, MD

  • Responsible for the overall mission of CAPSEL
  • Create budget on yearly basis
  • Work with hospital and departmental leadership to advocate for CAPSEL initiatives
  • Mentors other leaders with the creation of faculty development, research, assessment, and educational sessions


 Assistant Director- Rob Isaak, DO

  • Assist the director in all core activities for CAPSEL
  • Facilitate faculty development activities
  • Responsible for development of ACGME milestone assessments 

Director of Critical Event Management (Curriculum)- Lavinia Kolarczyk, MD

  • Oversees the process of scenario development
  • Assigns tasks to other CAPSEL members for curriculum development, such as debriefing guides, actor cues, and scenario preparation.


Director of Board Certification Preparation- Kate Cobb, MD

  • Responsible to develop curriculum for ABA step II OSCE
  • Responsible for incoming CA1 “Bootcamp” curriculum development


Director of Procedural Training- Candra Bass, MD

  • Create curriculum for resident training in all core procedures relevant to the practice of anesthesiology (such as central lines, neuraxial techniques, various airway management, regional anesthesia)
  • Evaluation of new products for task training


Director of Medical Student Training- Rob Kyle, DO

  • Creation of medical student sessions during rotation with the department of anesthesiology
  • Director for anesthesia medical student interest group workshops


CAPSEL Members -

  • Participate in the development of curriculum
  • Facilitates simulation and debriefing sessions for various course offerings