2011-12 (Meeting Notes)

AOE Dynamic Work Group: Educational Policy

December, 2011

Develop and implement ideas for improving the influence of the AOE and its members on policy decisions within the institution, to assure that education is prioritized.

Members Present: Liz Dreesen


Refined Goals of the Work Group:


Action Items with Dates and Responsible Individuals:

EXAMPLES of policies that have been influenced or need to be:

  1. Scrubs for medical students
  2. Call rooms for students
  3. CPOE
  4. “medical student notes” in WEBCIS
  5. Graduation questionnaire – impact of nurses
  6. Space
  7. CSD/CSI


Organizational charts for UNC Hospitals, and UNC School of Medicine were included, to demonstrate the difficulty of gaining influence on Policy.


Plan for Next Meeting: