2011-12-0 Meeting Notes

presented at Quarterly meeting by Peadar Noone, MD

•Met on Nov 16th 2011 to discuss several issues pertaining to the AOE teaching awards.

•Drs Noone, Chaney, Toews, Steiner, Kernick, Brice, apologies Drs Gwyther, Farrell, Connolly, Felix.

•Named awards to honor those who have has a major influence on teaching at UNC over the years.  Suggestions please!

•Budget for each award (eg $1000) – due to the Euro crisis (!), deferred for the moment.

•“Freshman faculty star” award.  To encourage the younger members of the AOE

•AOE play a role in nominations for the University wide awards.  Unanimously agreed.

•Deferred a possible award for GME for the moment.

•Educational scholarship award.  For published work, national presentations, significant curriculum innovation. (Note:  Existing award for “innovation in teaching” – overlap?).

• Co-chair needed for this working group, basic scientist perhaps – thoughts?

•Miscellaneous discussions on nominations process, chairs needing to nominate versus support the nomination.

Summary:  Thoughts on named awards, process for nominations, or any other aspects of the teaching awards process?